Diesel – LPG dual fuel

Dual power Diesel-LPG, DualFuel or in other words diesel-gas is an alternative power supply system for diesel engines.  The diesel-gas system reduces injection of diesel and supplies gas in its place.

Sample proportions of the mixture are 20% LPG and 80% DIESEL

Diesel fuel is injected traditionally into the comustion chambers of the engine, while a portion of gas is injected into the air intake system by LPG injectors.

The addition of gas allows for nearly complete combustion of diesel fuel, which in ordinary diesel engine is virtually impossible. Common Rail engines burn ca. 85 percent of the air and diesel mixture, and the remaining quantity is transformed into exhaust gases, which include carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulates.

More efficient combustion of diesel fuel has a beneficial effect on the engine’s power and torque, and at the same time it does not adversely affect its longevity. Driving on Diesel-LPG dual fuel is a solution which brings financial benefits while not threatening the safe and trouble-free operation of the vehicle.